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Vintage Poster Salamander Shoes

Vintage Poster Salamander Shoes

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A high quality framed print featuring Vintage Poster Salamander Shoes.

This vintage art print is crafted by hand and digitally printed on acid free paper for light fastness. The result is a fine art print carefully crafted to look good for a long time. The wall art print will not degrade, it will not turn yellow with the passage of time.

It will always look beautiful on your walls. Presented on a stylish contemporary frame in a variety of sizes and colours. Comes complete with a paper 800gsm thickness mount. Create a vivid, welcoming and inspirational environment around your house. Enlighten your home, living room or bedroom with this fine print.

Our unique stylish prints are available in a variety of framed options, including:
Black Wood.Dark Wood.Light Oak.Mahogany.Matt Silver.Pine.White.Print Only
All frame styles are available in the following sizes:

8 * 8 Inches
10 * 10 Inches
12 * 12 Inches
14 * 14 Inches


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