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Edinburgh Castle Gatehouse 0033

Edinburgh Castle Gatehouse 0033

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A high quality watercolour print.Edinburgh Castle Gatehouse


The castle's position on the volacnic rock offered protection from all sides with steep rocky faces all round and the Nor' Loch to the North. The Gatehouse, which faced the sloping town (the Royal Mile) was the most vunerable point to attack.

However, The Gatehouse, an impressive main entrance into the castle was built, not so much as an additional defence but rather for aesthetic reasons. It replaced a simple functional gate which was built in the late 17th century.

Flanking the main arched entrance stand bronze statues of two of Scotland hero freedom fighters, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, added in 1929.

At either side of the draw bridge leading to the Gatehouse is a dry ditch which dates from Oliver Cromwell times (1650's).

This is a ready to hang picture/photo frame that is perfect for wall decor, home or office decorations. It is a great gift for your relatives and friends on their Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Christmas and other occasions.

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This watercolour art print is crafted by hand and digitally printed on acid free paper for light fastness. The result is a fine art print carefully crafted to look good for a long time.

The wall art print will not degrade, it will not turn yellow with the passage of time. It will always look beautiful on your walls. Presented on a stylish contemporary fibreboard frame. Comes complete with a paper 800gsm thickness mount.

Create a vivid, welcoming and inspirational environment around your house. Enlighten your home, living room or bedroom with this fine watercolour print.

Frame size: 23cm x 23cm
Frame depth: 4.5cm

  • STYLISH PRINT: Original, contemporary watercolour art hand crafted and printed on acid free paper
  • CRAFTED TO LAST: Digitally printed on acid free paper and it does not degrade or turn yellow with time
  • READY TO HANG: Modern art print beautifully presented on a high quality stylish fibreboard frame complete with hook (see images) that are easy to hang on any wall
  • SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF ROOMS: Enlighten your home, living room or bedroom with this fine art watercolour print
  • DIMENSIONS: Frame size: 23cm x 23cm, frame depth: 4.5cm
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