Print of Wimbledon | Wimbledon Sign 0210


A high quality watercolour print. About Wimbledon The Championships, Wimbledon, commonly known simply as‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_Wimbledon, is the oldest‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_tennis‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_tournament‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_in the world, and is widely regarded as the most prestigious. It has been held at the‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_All England Club‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_in‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_Wimbledon,‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_London, since 1877 and is played on outdoor‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_grass courts. Wimbledon is one of the four‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_Grand Slam‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_tennis tournaments, the others being the‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_Australian Open, the‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_French Open‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_and the‰۪ÌàÌ_ÌÇ_US Open....

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